The Kahnputers Story

We handcraft your software

As professional craftsman, we love what we do which is evident in the quality of the solutions that we strive to deliver. To us quality is the essence of our existence and not an after thought. Our penchant for impeccable, scalable and secure design helps us deliver true value for your business. To us AGILE is a way of life not a “cool” way of life. It is our commitment to our internal processes and accountability at every level of application design and development. AGILE and scrum methods help us collaborate and coordinate with you and our development team making late breaking innovations and changes possible in the final product and helping us mitigate risk at the same time. If at any point in time an issue is discovered we fix it with agile fervor.

We are big proponents of AGILE
What AGILE means to you, our customer, is the ability to get constant feedback on the project status, be informed at every stage about the state of the project allowing you to collaborate with us on evolutionary changes. It also empowers you to introduce innovative changes at any point without compromising on quality and risk.

We provide scalable, secure solutions
We are strong believers in the direct proportionality of quality in design and quality of solution. Period. We are an incredibly smart and dedicated team of professionals that take pride in their work. To that end, we consistently strive to out do ourselves on each project. What we provide you is a team of dedicated individuals with single minded devotion and the passion to reliably deliver a solution that fits and meets your budgetary requirements. If it can be done, we can do it.

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